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All of our towels are 100% cotton.  They can be produced to any sizes and specifications you want.  The towels can also be dyed to different colors.  In addition, we can also produce towels with sheared loops (velour).  Printed, embroidered or woven logos can also be placed on the towels.  The towels can also be produced with dobby borders for a more luxurious feel.


Commonly, we produce towels of the following constructions:

  • 21s/2 x 21s/2 x 16s/1

  • 16s/1 x 21s/2 x 16s/1

  • 32s/2 x 21s/2 x 16s/1

Of the three constructions, the most common type of towel that most hotels prefer is 21s/2 since it is both economical and long lasting. 


Different types of bathrobes are available for you to choose from as well.  These include sheared towel (velour), terry towel and waffle bathrobes.  As always, they can be produced to various sizes according to your needs.


embroidered logo


woven logo


printed logo (sheared towel)


dobby border



golf towel (with hook)






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In addition to towels, we are able to produce bathrobes with various materials.  These include terry towel, sheared towel, waffle cloth and printed fabric (kimono).  Please click on the picture on the left for more information.